Business Broker Referral Program™

Working Together Matters

At Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, we believe that great advice starts with a dedication to knowing our clients’ overall financial situation.

By working with you as a team for the benefit of our mutual clients, we will be better informed about their financial lives. This process will involve open lines of communication about the client and their financial situation, joint meetings when necessary, and a collaborative approach to financial advice.

This will equip all of us with the best solutions to assist the client in achieving their financial goals. Our partnership will provide our clients with a unique client experience unmatched in the financial industry.

How Our Referral Program Works

Step 1

Introduce your client to SWMG for financial planning and investment services.

Step 2

SWMG will provide investment recommendations to your client.

Step 3

Upon closing, client will deposit funds at custodian for investment implementation.

Step 4

SWMG charges a flat percentage quarterly on investment management. Referral fee is paid quarterly.

Step 5

Referral fee continues to be paid to broker for the longer of 12 months or 12 months from the last referred client.

Step 6

Referral revenue can grow the more clients you refer and with market growth.

“The Business Broker Referral Program™ was created as a professional partnership to provide the best comprehensive financial advice to your clients.”

Josh W. Strittmatter,
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Benefits for Your Clients

Partnering with Strittmatter Wealth Management Group gives your clients added benefits that will help them pursue their financial goals. Our partnership can provide your clients with invaluable tools such as unbiased financial advice, asset management, retirement planning, financial planning, and educational opportunities.

Advantages for the Client:

  • Unbiased Financial Advice
  • Asset Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Trusts and Succession Planning
  • Educational Opportunities
Business Broker Referral Program - Benefits For Your Clients​
Business Broker Referral Program - Benefits For You

Benefits for You

Partnering with us could give your firm the advantage of a peer-to-peer collaboration on business development and monetary revenue. You may benefit from more billable hours, more quality referrals, and revenue sharing. On top of the added monetary gain, you will also benefit from the sharing of ideas, procedures, and systems which could in turn increase the efficiency of your firm.

Advantages for the PROFESSIONAL:

  • Business Development
  • New Client Acquisition
  • Client Management Software
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Succession Plan/Exit Strategy
  • Human Resources Strategies
  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Revenue Sharing

Your Revenue Projection

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