At Strittmatter, You Matter
Planning and investment management designed to empower you by providing resources, options and strategies suited to your financial goals.
Experience Matters
We're celebrating 15 years of financial planning across the nation at Strittmatter Wealth. Our proprietary planning process helps make sure you avoid excess risk.
Peace of Mind Matters
Financial decisions can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to achieve your financial dreams.
Client Care Matters
Recognized as a 5-Star Wealth Manager, we strongly believe that clients come first and it is our pleasure to serve you.

Your Future Matters

We take the time to truly listen and understand what you want out of life, for yourself and for your family. We believe that a successful financial plan starts with looking at the whole picture, and then putting the right financial pieces in place to work for you.

At Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, our clients come first in all that we do. 

At Strittmatter, YOU matter.

Our Services

Over decades, we have cultivated a suite of complementary and interconnected services designed to identify extraordinary opportunities for asset preservation and growth, and make them readily available for you.

Families and Individuals Services - Home

Families & Individuals

• Financial Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Estate Planning
• Investment Management
• Insurance Planning
• Tax Strategies
...and many more.

Business Planning Services - Home

Business Planning

Strittmatter Business Planning™ provides business education and strategic planning services for small to midsize companies to help them reach the next level of growth and to become Sell-Ready. By overseeing and managing the process, we ensure that your business will receive the best advice to help you achieve your goals.

Companies Services - Home

Companies We Serve

We make it our mission to become experts in the various retirement packages of key successful businesses. With this information, we have made ourselves an invaluable resource, providing you with tools to make smart financial decisions. Our offerings include free guides, webinars, consutations, and so much more.

“Financial freedom begins with that courageous first step – the decision to take control of your finances, make informed choices, and pave your own unique path towards a future filled with limitless possibilities.”

Josh W. Strittmatter,
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Valuable Resources for All

We provide a number of free resources to help you reach your financial goals.

We understand your financial options can leave you feeling overwhelmed. That is why we have made it our mission to provide you with the resources you need to reach your financial objectives.​

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Best in Financial Education

We specialize in financial education designed to empower you to achieve financial freedom by providing you with the resources, customized options, and strategies suited to your financial goals.

Start learning today for a brighter financial future tomorrow.

Exclusive Client Events

Between our client dinners, philanthropy events, summer picnic, college courses, and more, there’s an event for everyone.

Check out our offerings and get involved today.

At Strittmatter, YOU matter.

What really matters is that you're here.

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