“Ask The Experts” iHeartRadio Show: “Long-Term Care”

Learn about the financial topic “Long-Term Care” on this week’s “Ask The Experts” episode on iHeart Radio. Josh W. Strittmatter CFP®, CRC®, Founder and CEO of Strittmatter Wealth Management Group answers your most pressing financial planning questions about long-term care insurance.

Traditional long-term care policies work much like policies for auto or home insurance: You pay premiums, usually for as long as the policy is in effect, and make claims if you ever need the covered services.

Long-term care benefits begin once you can no longer perform a set number of the so-called activities of daily living — such as bathing, dressing, eating, using the toilet, getting in and out of beds and chairs, and managing incontinence — or become cognitively impaired. At that point, premiums typically are waived while you receive benefits.


This week’s episode answers these questions:

  1. “Is disability insurance from an employer the same as long-term care insurance?”
  2. “What all goes into the underwriting process for long-term care?”
  3. “Are shared long-term care insurance policies available for spouses?”
  4. “How long does it take to obtain access to my long-term care insurance benefits once I get a policy?”
  5. “How can I get long-term care insurance with pre-existing health conditions?”
  6. “Who does and does not need long-term care insurance?”
  7. “What happens if I forget to pay my long-term care premium?”
  8. “What are riders in long-term care insurance, and how do they work?”
  9. “Since I am in good health, why would I need to be concerned with long-term care insurance?”
  10. “How can Strittmatter Wealth help me with long-term care insurance?”

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