Are you a Lockheed Martin employee nearing retirement and still hold a fair amount of debt? Are you wondering what to do with your debt?  If you’re like many other American’s who are in this same boat, then keep reading for valuable suggestions.

Just like most of Americans, you may carry some debt. However, you are in a different situation because you’re nearing retirement and see the looming debt payments and a lower fixed income. This can be scary if you’re not prepared.  Let’s discuss how to get out debt before you retire.  Here are five things you can do NOW:

  1. Call credit card companies to request a lower interest rate – many will do so if you have a good history with them
  2. Make extra payments – pay off little debts first; it feels so good to have them gone
  3. Snowball your debt payments
  4. Work overtime or side jobs to earn extra income
  5. Trade vehicles with high payments for one with a lower payment or no payment at all.

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We see this quite often and are able to develop successful plans that will allow pending retirees to retire comfortable and confident.  If you’d like us to develop a plan for you, give us a call! We’d be happy to help.

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