Retire Using Real Estate Investing™


Classroom Instruction on Professional Real Estate Investing Strategies


DFW-Area College Campuses: UTA, Tarleton Fort Worth, and TCC South


Multiple Convenient Dates Offered in the Spring and Fall Semesters

Smart Investing Matters

Real estate investing is an excellent wealth-building tool. It is also a smart way to diversify your portfolio and provide you with an additional income stream. From tax strategies to negotiation techniques, this class has everything you will need to be successful at real estate investing.

For beginners, this class provides you with the foundation you need to ensure success. Veteran investors will learn the tools and resources to become even more profitable. ​

Register to learn:

  • How to create an investment plan and timeline.
  • The tax benefits of real estate investing.
  • How to create “Mailbox Money” for your retirement.
  • How to build wealth using leverage.
  • How to negotiate the best price.
  • The best types of real estate to invest in.
  • How to create an investment plan and timeline.

Who should Attend?

This class was written for all levels of real estate investors. For those just getting started, this class will provide the foundation that you need to ensure your success. For those who are veteran investors, this class will provide tools and resources to help you become more efficient and more profitable.

This class is written in an easy-to-understand format so that no matter your level of investing experience, you will be able to understand and follow the information being taught.

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This Course Includes:

Classroom Instruction

Classes are led by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who fills the course with valuable information and real-life examples. This format encourages participation and questions are welcomed.

Course Textbook
to Take Home

Tuition includes a textbook written and designed by the instructors, with examples and interactive material that is yours to keep. This book is written to be easy to understand, and will help you follow along in class.

Comprehensive Learning

Designed to help you see the “big picture,” this class offers you the opportunity to learn about the many various aspects of real estate investing and how they work together to design a successful portfolio plan.

Optional Private Consultation

If you have questions that are personal in nature or would like to learn more, you are invited to arrange a meeting with your instructor after class. This private consultation is included for all students, but is not required.

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