The year 2020 certainly put a damper on travel for many retirees. It’s time to get back out there and see the beautiful world around you right here in our own country.  You can still travel and be safe while doing it, so are you ready to hit the road and escape to beautiful landscapes? Do you know where you’d like to go?  If not, then this blog is for you.  Here are the top 5 states to go see.  



With multiple islands to choose from, it’s no wonder so many retirees enjoy skipping over the ocean to enjoy weeks at a time on the various beautiful beaches.  The relaxed island lifestyle also plays into the lure of drawing many seniors to the state. Some of the tops sites to see are the arial volcano tours, snorkeling, waterfall hiking and of course attending a luau.  


Going from the warm beaches to the chilly mountains is another primary destination for retirees. The sprawling landscape allows seniors a chance to relax with some fishing, enjoy a cruise or go on an adventure to visit glaciers and mounts.  For the avid hunters, there’re plenty of opportunities depending on the season.  The best time to travel to Alaska is between May and September when the days are long and nature is in full bloom.    


Staying on the west coast, another favorite state is California. Retirees could plan to stay for months as they travel the length of this amazing state as they visit the majestic redwoods, northern wineries, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood or even the San Diego Zoo and beautiful golf courses in the south. It is important to note that accommodations in San Francisco or Los Angeles can be quite expensive, but a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway or a day at a public beach often comes free of charge.


Whether it’s a visit to the Grand Canyon or spending a mild winter by the pool, Arizona tops the list of best places for retiree vacations.  This state, is one of the sunniest places in the world, and many retirees spend like to spend their winters here. Also drawing seniors is some of the most spectacular views that God has created: The Painted Desert, located in northern Arizona.  It spans the state from the Grand Canyon National Park to the Petrified Forest National Park. The Painted Desert is a photographer’s dream but don’t forget Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon for amazing photo ops.  


Last but certainly not least is the favorite state of Nevada.  Most people think of heading to Las Vegas for fun in the casinos and the nightlife, but don’t neglect the area’s surrounding beauty. When you tire of gambling and buffets, consider a visit to Red Rock Canyon or Lake Mead. If you like to see the winter months filled with smooth, white, snowy slopes, then a visit to Lake Tahoe’s many ski resorts would be perfect.  Of course, the lake in the warm months offers many adventures as well as serene landscapes and cabins in which to relax.  

Congratulations for a well-earned retirement. Remember while you are enjoying your travel you can still be financial savvy.  A number of the resorts and hotels offer specials and discounts to seniors and veterans as do the excursion packages. It’s important to always budget your travel spending to make sure your financial plan can continue to afford your adventures and your life long income streams. Planning a fun retirement that can last your lifetime is our specialty.  Book your complementary consultation with one of our planners today to see if you are on the path to lifelong adventures and freedom!

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