What Our Clients Say About Us!

We have been working with Josh and Strittmatter Wealth Management Group since 2010. Our investments have only grown over these years. Josh and his team are knowledgeable and keep on top of the latest investment opportunities. They are always there to personally answer questions or solve a problem. We highly recommend this company if you are looking for an independent financial advisor who has a personal relationship with their customers and keeps on increasing your portfolio.
Bobbi Westendorf   5-2-2021

My wife and I joined Josh in March of 2013. We have been extremely pleased not only with his management of our accounts, but also feel completely secure in his hands. We recommend his firm to all of the people that we know and want to help secure their retirement.
John Nelson   4/28/2021

I have been working with Josh since 2007 and with Kelly the last few years. I completely trust SWMG with everything investment related. I have an annuity, IRA and Roth IRA with them. They have also processed two roll-overs for me. They give advice without being pushy. I moved to Maryland almost three years ago and they still manage my portfolio like I live in Fort Worth. Five stars!!
Sharron Davis   4/27/2021

We have trusted Josh Strittmatter & his team with our investments & financial planning for the past 5 years. Extremely knowledgeable & personable. He gets to know his clients & works with them to attain their goals & dreams. We like that they are community minded & volunteer a lot of personal time in it.
Thankful we went to one of his many seminars before investing with him.
Mother Hen   4/15/2021

SWMG has been our financial advisor since November 2014. We have been pleased with their services. We’ve been meeting with Josh Strittmatter a couple of times a year and recently with Kelly Buchfink.

Josh has provided personal service and guided us in our retirement planning. Our portfolio has grown through his guidance and counseling. Financing and money management are not our areas of expertise, so we have grown to trust his opinion and recommendations and have educated ourselves as we’ve continued this relationship.

The office offers educational events several times a year, which we always find very informative. They answer emails and telephone calls in a timely fashion. His team is very professional, very courteous and pleasant to work with.

We would highly recommend SWMG.
Richard Flores   4/13/2021

Josh and his staff have always been helpful, instructive and caring. Whenever I have had a question or concern they have been quick to help me. They have also been thoughtful in helping my late husband and myself set up retirement plans, and the special plans needed because of his medical conditions. I would highly recommend Strittmatter Wealth Management Group to any or all who ask.
Martin Thomas   4/4/2021

My parents have been with SWMG for several years. My father had passed away a year ago and it was very nice to know their finances were in good hands. The Strittmatter group helped guide my mother through many tough decisions and have been very reliable. We are very happy with our fathers decision in choosing the Strittmatter Wealth Management Group!
Johnny Cruz   1/20/2021

I have worked with SWMG for ten years and they have done a great job for me. I highly recommend them.
Theron Darr   1/13/2021

Joshua and the entire Strittmatter Wealth Management Group are such a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of all aspects of wealth management has helped my family feel more secure with retirement coming up soon. They always present the best options for us to consider and provide us with extensive research. Their training opportunities are top notch – always relevant topics that educate us in our meager understanding of the world of finance. We are always met with a pleasant atmosphere and their financial expertise for every phone call and meeting. Our only regret is that we did not start using them soon enough! Strittmatter Wealth Management Group is an excellent choice if you want to grow your portfolio.
Aliece Watts   4/19/2021

We highly recommend Strittmatter Wealth Management Group, LLC. Josh and his staff are very professional, personable, and have lots of fun events. Josh has helped us develop a financial plan to reach our long-term goals and keeps us on track. Our finances have greatly improved!!
Ginny Peters Butterfield   7/3/2015

So refreshing to work with such knowledgeable people in their field. They live and breathe wealth building.
April Bryan   5/28/2015

I have had a great experience with Strittmatter Wealth Management Group. They have walked me through every step and patiently explained everything throughly to help me make the right choices for my retirement plan. Couldn’t be more pleased with them. Highly recommend!
Lucy O   5/4/2021