Are you retiring from Lockheed Martin in the near future?  Are you wondering if you’re ready and what you’ll do next? There’s more to planning for retirement than making sure you have enough money saved.  You need to make sure you’re mentally and physically prepared.  What do I mean by that? Keep reading to find out.


Most people invest and save for decades, giving themselves the opportunity to retire and not have to worry about finances.  That is fantastic and something everyone should do.  But there is more to retiring than making sure you have enough money.  Ask yourself the following questions and see if you’re prepared or if you still need to do a little more work.

  1. What do other people think about your retirement? You might be wondering, why should I care? Well, when transitioning into retirement, it’s important to make sure you’ve set clear expectations and have a good flow of communication because if you haven’t, then others will come up with their own assumptions. For example, if you have clearly set expectations and have a good flow of communication, then your adult children, and maybe even grandchildren, will understand your situation rather than assuming if you’re wealthy enough to retire and enjoy a nice lifestyle, then you’re wealthy enough to help fund their lifestyle, too.
  2. What are you going to do all day? Many people already have plans for what they want to do, but many people do not. You may not think this is not important, but it is. Why? Because, for years, you’ve had a mission, a plan, a place where you felt valued and needed. In retirement, if you wake up each morning with no plan to do something, no place to go, you can unintentionally fall into the emotional despair of feeling not needed, not valued and without purpose.  It will be a like a mourning period as you redefine your life and yourself. Retirement was supposed to be carefree and fun, and it may just not live up to that standard without a little more planning.
  3. Are any of your friends or coworkers retiring as well? This isn’t to say you have to have others retiring with you. The purpose of this question is to ask yourself if you have a social network in place for when you retire. Do you have other friends or coworkers you’ll be able to spend time with during regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)? Yes, you may be married and want to spend more time with your spouse, but on occasion you might want to do something separately with just the guys or just the girls. Will those guys or girls be available during the day? Just make sure you have a plan, so you’re not left to watch re-runs, news or soap operas all day.


When it comes to retirement, you definitely need to make sure you are prepared financially, but you also need to be prepared in the areas listed above.  At Lockheed Martin, it’s been said that the “silver tsunami” is coming, so hopefully you and your work friends can remain in touch and enjoy retirement together.  For great ideas like this and many more, come see of our Lockheed Martin specialists who can review your situation and help you continue to plan for retirement.  Give us a call today at 817-210-3444 or click HERE to book a complimentary consultation!

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