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Estate Planning Basics for Lockheed Martin Employees

July 15th, 2021|

Discussing death is unpleasant, but when it comes to financial planning, it is a crucial topic. When someone dies, his or her assets will be passed on to someone else and the purpose of estate planning is to make this process as seamless as possible. “But isn’t estate planning only for the very wealthy individuals?” Absolutely not! As a Lockheed Martin employee, [...]

Calculating Medical Expenses for Lockheed Martin Employees

July 9th, 2021|

Is health insurance something you appreciate having but also a source of confusion? With all sorts of terminology such as in network, deductible, coinsurance, premium, etc., the world of insurance can definitely be overwhelming. As a Lockheed Martin employee, it is important to know how much you will pay for health insurance under LM HealthWorks since there are several types of costs [...]

Credit Score Overview for Lockheed Martin Employees

July 7th, 2021|

As a Lockheed Martin employee, you probably have a solid credit score built up, but it’s important to maintain that high score even through retirement. In this post, we’ll discuss what a credit score is and provide tips to maximize your credit score. We’ve all heard the term, but what exactly is a “credit score”? A credit score is a three-digit number [...]

Charitable Donations and Lockheed Martin Retiree

July 2nd, 2021|

Charitable donations are given in many shapes and forms.  Many people donate housewares, clothing, time and money to various charitable organizations.  Charitable donations are a wonderful thing that help many people in need.  In addition, there may be a tax benefit for you as well depending on your ability to itemize on your taxes. Today, we’re going to focus on the tax [...]

How to Save for Retirement when Self-Employed

June 30th, 2021|

As a Lockheed Martin employee, you are highly skilled and often in demand, but sometimes employees have a calling, interest or desire to do some other type of work on the side or after retirement.  Oftentimes, your spouse may be self-employed as well.  If either one of these sounds like you or the you in the future, then this is the blog [...]

Retired from Lockheed Martin? Now What?

June 25th, 2021|

Retirement can be anything you want it to be – boring, exciting, fulling. If you’re about to retire or have already retired and you haven’t already booked your next year with Honey-do’s, travel plans or favorite things, you may be wondering, what now? What am I supposed to do with all my time?   You’ve come to the right place.  [...]

What is the Long-Term Disability Insurance Policy offered to Lockheed Martin Employees?

June 18th, 2021|

Most major companies offer a slew of employee benefits.  The ones most people are familiar with are the group health, dental, vision and life insurance policies.  But one that is often overlooked is the long-term disability insurance. Why is that? Often it’s overlooked because it’s not understood. There are questions like: What really is long-term disability? How does it work?  What does [...]

What, Free College Classes for Seniors?!?

June 16th, 2021|

Are you retired and have a longing to take that college class that interested you but never got to take?  Maybe that class was not in your degree program, but it always fascinated you.  Well, thanks to many colleges and universities, senior citizens over age 65 can have access to college classes for FREE! Recent [...]

Smart Places to Retire

June 11th, 2021|

Sunny skies, beaches, mimosas, shopping, elegant dining, spas… The life of a retiree! While retirement is typically a great time to settle down, relax, and enjoy yourself after many years of hard work and dedication, some locations are more ideal than others when deciding where to retire. So, not only is it critical to decide when to retire but where to retire. [...]


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