By now you have probably heard of an IRA and know how it is a great tool to save towards retirement, but are you aware that there are limitations? Having a 401(k) at Lockheed Martin is a great savings vehicle, too, but an IRA has the possibility to provide more fund diversification, more control and flexibility, and access to investment managers not currently in the 401(k). The two ways to fund an IRA are through rollovers or contributions. Rolling over a 401(k) is usually a fantastic strategy once you reach the in-service eligibility age or once retired from Lockheed Martin. Doing so allows you to retain control of your retirement funds and gives you the ability to continue making contributions. As with all tax advantaged investments, IRAs do have a number of rules to keep in mind. Let’s break down a few of them.

Contribution Limits

  • If under age 50: $6,000 per year
  • If age 50 or older: $7,000 per year
  • Adjusted gross income is not a factor

Deductibility Limits (assuming taxpayer is married filing jointly, 2020 numbers used)

  • Fully deductible: modified adjusted gross income of $104,000 or less
  • Partially deductible: modified adjusted gross income between $104,000 and $124,000
  • Not deductible: modified adjusted gross income of $124,000 or more


Example: If you are a Lockheed Martin employee who is married, age 60, and have modified adjusted gross income of $150,000, you would be able to contribute $7,000 toward your IRA for the tax year; however, none of the contribution would be deductible on your tax return.

Keep in mind that a you can always contribute to a traditional IRA regardless of income; however, it may not be deductible.   If this has made you think of rolling over your 401(k) into an IRA or having an IRA in addition to your Lockheed Martin 401(k), book an appointment with a Lockheed Martin Retirement Specialist now, so we can evaluate and analyze your accounts. If retirement is drawing near for you or you would just like to plan ahead, we also have retirement planning workshops that are an excellent resource as well.

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